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I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

Chapter One

Dear Journal~

Today was an awfully strange day. I kept getting these weird headaches during class--worse, Hermione noticed. It was of indescribable, they way she...never mind, it's...stupid. Reckon she knows? It all started at breakfast, when Colin Creevey came over to our table...

That breezy September morning was not an ordinary one for fifteen-year-old Ron Weasley. Usually up and ready to go at seven a.m., today he slept in. Thank the Lord it was only Saturday.
"Ron...Hey Ron, you awake yet? Come on you lazy bum, get up and let's go already! Hermione's waiting for us at the library!"
Ron's eyes opened wide as soon as Harry said Hermione's name.
"Her-Hermione's waiting for me?" Ron asked, suddenly wide awake.
"Yes! Now hurry up!" Harry shouted.
After a good half-hour, Ron was ready to go meet Hermione with Harry at last. Harry stood against the wall near the portrait hole with his arms crossed.
"Took you long enough," Harry said.
"Sorry Harry, I--"
Harry didn't Ron time to finish. "Save it, Hermione's getting a tad too impatient."
Ron and Harry hurried down Gryffindor Tower to the Great Hall, where they found Hermione, sitting at the end of the table with several books in front of her.
"There you are!" she said brightly. "Come sit down, I've got breakfast for the both of you already. Yours is right here, Ron," Hermione said, patting the seat next to her.
Ron's heart hammered, as if it were telling him to say no, but something in his mind told him to just go with the flow. "Sure Hermione," he stammered.
As Harry sat down, he began to breath fast. He put his hand over his scar and breathed heavily.
"What's wrong, Harry?" Hermione asked, concerned.
Harry put his down, for his pain was going away. "I'm fine now, it's just--when I sat down, I felt my scar burn..."
Ron grew nervous, but didn't want to show it, so he changed the subject. "Er--Hermione, what's with all of the books?"
Hermione's aspect changed at once. "Oh, that's why I wanted you both to come here ealier," she said. "You see...Oh, you'll have to look at the book to understand--take a look--" Hermione handed Ron a heavy, red-covered book. The title read--
"'How To Get Your Crush To Fall In Love With You--Without Using A Potion'?" Ron asked, horrified on the outside, but inside he had a hope that Hermione would maybe be looking for a way to get Ron to like her--but she didn't need to; Ron was already in love with her.
"Why read that book, Hermione?" Harry asked.
Hermione turned red in an instant. "Well, er--I...just thought it an interesting topic," she said, nodding very fast.
Harry and Ron stared at her blankly, so she said, "Oh, my, look at what time it is--I'd best head back up to my dorm--I'm expecting something--goodbye!"
Before Ron could say a word, Hermione had scooped up her books (most of them) and jogged out of the Great Hall, blushing furiously.
Harry stopped staring after her and continued on his breakfast. "Wonder what she's expecting," he said, biting into a donught.
But Ron got up and followed Hermione up to Gryffindor Tower. He lost her when he got up to the common room, so he looked up the staircase to the girls' dorm rooms. Should he go up to Hermione's room? Before his mind would consider the idea, a voice in his heart urged him on. Ron walked cautiously up the staircase, avoiding anything that might wake anyone up there. He reached Hermione's dorm, and walked into her room, since the door was already a crack open.
Ron saw that Hermione's bed was a complete mess. There were papers and books and--a diary laying wide open on the bed. Since Ron couldn't control his curiousity, he immediately picked up Hermione's diary and began reading it. He flipped a few pages back, and then began reading. He could not believe what he read~

Dear Diary~

Today was simply overwhelming. Ron and I got into another one of our stupid arguements. I always seem to fight with him, but I don't want to. Am I too ambitious? Is that it? Maybe I take too much pride in how much I know about everything...How can Ron like me like I like him if we keep fighting? One day we'll get into such a serious fight that we'll stop talking. Oh diary...If only you could help me. All you can do is listen...

Dear Diary~

Ron and I made up! I'm so overjoyed! I think I'm one step closer to making Ron love me--I've found a book on how to create a romance without magic. Sometimes, the muggle way is the magic way--qouting on my father. But one thing bothers me...Viktor Krum. Ron is terribly jealous. Ron denies it, but I know he is--he makes it too obvious. I see him burn up each time I talk about him. Viktor is just a friend, but Ron doesn't think so. He thinks Viktor and I romance. Ron really needs to wake up and smell the potion. Do you think he'll confess his feelings if I keep making him jealous? He's really hot-tempered, so I'm betting that he's bound to come around. Don't get me wrong--I LOVE his temper. It makes him even more appealing!

Ron did not believe it. He dropped the diary. Hermione loved him. He didn't think those words could possibly fit into the same sentence. She actually thought he was handsome, appealing--and she thought his hot temper was amazing. He had to tell her about his feelings. It was the perfect time--he rushed out of Gryffindor Tower and dashed down the hall to the library, but only to find it empty.


Hello my name is Ron Weasley.This is a story that I thought u would
momentarily enjoy,since I've enchanted this work with a spell so someone once
someone reads it , they forgot what they read, and will never again be able
to come upon this piece of writing. Well, Hermione did. It was just my
idea.Of corse,she put the enchantment on before she read it,so she doesn't
remember this, thank goodness.
U see this is a fanfic about,well Hermione! She's so beautiful and wonderful,
that I just can't keep my feelings in, and I definately can NOT tell anyone
about this, that would be too embarrassing! So this is how I'm going to
express my feelings for now.
May be one day, way into the future,I'll finally be able to tell her how I
feel  about her. Or at least my best friend Harry.Then at least I'd b able to
talk about it with someone!But for now,this is the best way I could tink of.
Once upon a time, there was a gorgeous girl named Hermione Granger.Not only
was she beautiful, she was smart too. The best of both worlds! Hermione had a
friend call Ron Weasley. Ron,being very handsome man but not so smart,and a
graet wizard chess, had fallen in love with his friend hermione. One day, he
finally told Harry Potter, His best friend, about his feeling for her,even
though this was the most embarrasing thing to do. Well, except for telling
Hermione that is of corse.Or Draco Malfoy or any Slytherins for that matter.
''Well duh,Ron''Harry said bluntly.''It's not like I haven't noticed the way
u stare at herendlessly for hours, with ur eyes all googly. Or th e factsthat
u get super pissed whenever she so much as looks at another guy''

''U mean,u knew? All this time'' muttered Ron. ''Then why didn't u tell me ?
I've been dying trying to keep all this love trapped up inside!''

''Well, what was I suppose to say?So Ron, how's it coming with wooing
Hermione?And besides, it's really none of my bussiness.Kind of sick actually,
from my point of view,but whatever tickles ur pickles''Ron had burst out
''What?''cried Harry

''U have no idea how bad that sounds Harry!Talking about my feelings for
Hermione,then saying whatever tickles my pickle!''Then Ron began to
blush,thinkin of him self,oh my,I hope he didn't read too far to that. ''So
Harry, what am I suppose to do ?''

''Well,''replied Harry. ''It's quite obvious. Just ask her to meet u at the
prefect's bathroom!No Ron,just kidding!But seriously just ask her if she
wants to help u with ur homework sometime,and just like,kiss her or

''KISS HER?!''

''I don't know! Do I look like a love doctor to u ?I'm just saying that if u
want her to get into ur arms, u have to do something romantic like that.
Girls love that kind of stuff.''

''Well how do I..kiss her?I mean I've seen it done in the movies and
stuff,but,man.I don't know how to kiss!Well,I know how to if I want to kiss
my dying granma or something, but, I don't want to kiss hermione like that!''

''Er..well, just,''Harry was trying to explain.''Put ur mouth next to hers
and er this is weird, thinking about kissing Hermione..and I guess just move
it around a little bit, like this,'' he said , while making his lips look a
little bit like a fish's mouth.

''Uh..if u say so, Harry.''said Ron, but he decided that night before going
to sleep,he would practice a little bit with pillow. After all, Ron thought,
girls do this all the time,it must do some good. He went to bed a little bit
more confident about the following day's plans''

The next night,as Ron and Harry were sitting in front of the fire, Harry
asked Ron, ''So, r u gonna do the thing we talked about last night?U know,get
some help from that one person?''

''Yeah,''said Ron. ''Well I guess I better go before she gets too involved in
her studies.''  Ron went over to the table in the coner where Hermione was
working'' Ron went over where Hermione was working.

''Hermione?''he asked. ''I was wonderingif u could, er,help me on some

''Of corse,Ron,''said Hermione. ''Come here and sit next to me''

''Actually,'' said Ron, with an idea popping into his head. ''I am doing some
research in the,er..prefect bathroom.Don't ask why,I just feel like I can
find some answers there,but,I er..need ur help on something.''He looked over
to Harry,who had a surprised look on his face,and winked at him.   

Reluctantly,Hermione agreed. They made their way to the prefect bathroom.As
soon as they got inside, and Ron had looked the door, he said to
Hermione,''Okay Hermione,I er.. have something I need to give to u,before we
start the research.So,um,please close ur eyes. this is kind of

And with a puzzled look om her face,she shut her eyes. Ron was ecstatic at
how well this was working.He went right up to her,took a deep breath,and put
his lips over hers. Just as soon as he did this,Hermione's eyes opened wide,
and smacked the poor fellow on the cheek.

''What do u think u were DOING??''she yelled ''Some resear--''

But Ron started kissing her again,unable to stop himself.This time Hermione
got into it a little bit. Wow,she thought,Ron's a pretty good kisser
considering that he's,well,Ron.But why is he doing this?Oh well,I like it.

They continued to kiss for a good five minutes,making their way to
floor,whenron backed away for a few moments.''You have no idea how long I've
been waiting to do that,''He told Hermione ''That was simply
amazing...I..I,love u Hermione. I know u probably don't feel the same and
probably want to start laughing but I just want u to know that--''

''Oh shut up Ron!'' she replied,giving Ron a some hurt expression.''I can't
believe I hide my feeling for u for so long.Pretending to b interesting in
that silly Quidditch player,Victor Krum.And even Seamus for a while not
wanting to believe or let my self fall in love with my best friend,Ron
Weasley.I never knew I felt the same way!''This brought a slight smile back
to Ron's face.

They lay in silence for a moment, whem Hermione took a hole of Ron's robe,
taking it off Ron's broad shoulders, then slipping off his uniform vest and
tie. She then unbuttoned his white oxford shirt ,while Ron was kissing
herever so genly on her face. Then sho took off her own robe, and her vest .
As she started to unbutton her own white oxford shirt,Ron stared to blush and
said,''Hermione...I really,really love u, and have dream this for long
time,but, um...'' he couldn't quite believe what he was saying.''Can u just
keep that long for now?I don't think I'm qite ready for it.After all, I'm
16.Yeah, I'm perverted, but this is different. It's not just looking at some
slutty supe model,its being most beautiful girl in the world.I want to savour
each moment,but also save some for other times''  

Hermione just smile and nodded her head.She leaned back in the two and
started to make out again. They were enjoying new-found love for quite a
while, when some one kocked on the door of the bathroom.

Hey!! Who's in there?U've been there for 15 minutes!!!There r other Prefects
that need to bath,too u know!''

Ron hadn't though about this before how were they suppose to get out of the
bathroom without people knowing they'd both been there at the same time?This
had Apparently come to Hermione's attention,too,as she looked off in thought,
with a panicked look on her face.

''Ron!''Hermione whispered.''U go and distract whoever's out there, tell them
u were doing reseach,trying to find out how often Myrtle leaves th girl's
bathroom upstairs and I'll slip out of the door...''

''No,that won't work!I'm too good at diversions......why don't u,er..well,''
he said as the thought came out of his mind.''U r a great kisser''Hermione
had smiled at this comment.''...Just go out and starting kissing kissing him!
that'll surely distract him!And.. er..I'll slip out.U can say u were doing an
experiment on surprises,or how prepared the prefects r.Yah''

''R u sure?''Hermione asked ''U wouldn't care if I kissed another guy?''

''For this Reason?OF CORSE NOT!!We could get into much troble for being here!
Now go before he gets restless and uses the Alohamora spell!!!''

Hermione quickly kiss Ron once more, before she headed over to the door. As
she openen it she said, ''Oh hello there!Close ur eyes I Have to give u

That 's it for today I'm tired.
                                                          RON WEASLEY

And Ron close the book and go to bed.


It was Malfoy.
Hemione wasn't looking and she kissed Malfoy for a long time and let Ron go.
''ARRRR!!!!!!''yelled Hermione but Malfoy smiled.
''WOW!! that was amazing!!!!kiss me again.''said Malfoy and make his mouth looks like fish.
''NO WAY!!!!!!!!''

Later on in the great Hall.
Malfoy was talking to his friend about the kiss and shouted so that someone else can hear.
Ron looks at Hermione's face and know how embarras she was.
''Hermione,can I talk to u for a second?''asked Malfoy
''I heard that there will be a ball this year and I want u my date.''said Malfoy.
''What makes u think that I'm gonna be ur date?''asked Hermione
''Yeah''said Harry while walk towards them coz Ron was scare of Malfoy.
''What makes u think that she's gonna be ur date?besides she's going to the ball with me.'' said Harry and couldn't believe what he just said.
''U r? I..I mean yeah I'm gonna be Harry's date''said Hermione.
''Oh OK''said Malfoy sadly and nearly cry.
Ron unfortunately heard it too!!!!!!!!

In the common Room.
''What was I suppose to do?''
''Harry was just trying to help''said Hermione.
''Trying to Help? by asking my girlfriend out on a date?''said Ron angrily.
''Ron,clam down.I wasn't thinking when I said that.''said Harry
''Wasn't thinking?I don't care.U r not my friend anymore''shouted Ron but when he tried to runaway,he bumb onto somebody.

It was Dobby.
''ellow sir Harry's bestfriend.Dobby have a present for him sir.''and Dobby.
''Not these stupid odd socks again''said Ron and runaway.
Dobby cried.
''Oh..Dobby,Ron didn't mean to,''said Harry
''I understand sir, Harry Potter's bestfriend don't like Dobby''said Dobby and Runaway.

That's it for today I'm tired.

And Ron kissed the word Hermione in his book before he went to sleep

Thanks to Allailene for this fanfic!

Hi my name is Allailene and it is the first time when i am at Hogwarts....
I am at the great hall,they call my name and sitting there i saw this boy,a boy cute as a hamster and brave as a lion.
_ahh....i see love a great love and bravness,yes indeed...
you are in love the first sight....You'll do anything to be in you'r love's arm....yes...GRYFFINDOR!
I was happy but afraid that him my only one in my true heart....will be in slytherin.....
They call he's name and he come's up and his name was....Ron Weasley...
-Another Weasley!I know where to put you!GRYFFINDOR!
I was happy and I raised.And welcomed him and shaked hands.It was the greatest moment of my life!
But,she had a girlfriend...her name was....Hermionie.
Ron looked at a bossy girl and she was gryffindor too!
Ron was happy,really happy....
I was sad but happy that he was happy...
to be continued...

continues from Allailene story..
After the first day at school,we were at the common room where I sit at the nicest place where everyone wanted to seat,even Ron!
-Allailene,how long are you gonna seat there other people want's to sit there too!
-Umm...sure you can sit here!
I was happy that he talked to me!
I almost cried when i saw her,saw Hermionie sitting there with Ron and Harry.I runned into girls bedroom.I was lying on my bed.The picture of Ron and Hermionie sitting together in my mind drived me crazy!
I was holding my hair when everybody was a sleep,I went to the window asking myself what am I doing here?
The next morning I was so tired and I was late from Potions.And so was Ron when I run into the corridor Ron was walking there with his potion stuffs.
-What are you doing we are late from Potions!
Ron woke up like he was walking in dream.
-We are late from Potions!
I was running towards him when fell down!Right on him!
-Are you OK?
Half of me was gonna have a laugh attack of happiness and half of me was sleeping.
-Could miss.Arthabetta(me!) me where have you two been?
-where you at
Half of the class started to laugh at us.
After many things I was at the Hogwarts grounds at midnight,I was walking there and here.The moonlight was beautifull...
I was hoping that Ron would be next to me....
But he wasn't.
Suddenly I heard footsteps near by.
I was scared....
-Allailene!What are you doing here?
Harry,Ron and Hermionie shouted.
-I!what are you guys doing here?!
They were going to Hagrid and I tagged along.
But Malfoy saw us and he called the teachers.
We all had detention and in the detention,our watcher was Hagrid.Lucky!Phew..I was scared!
Harry and Hermionie had to go together and I and Ron together.
When we werw walking I stopped Ron and said:
-Ron this is stupid but I can't help myself!I know you like Hermionie but I like you so..
-You do?So do I!I have always wanted to tell you but!
-I thought that you like Hermionie!
-Harry told me to do so to make you jealous!
I was happy ever!Untill..
-What was that?!
-I don't know!
It was Voldermort as i thought!
Ron sent red sparkels in the air and Hagrid and everybody came.
-Ron,Allailene are you alright?
That was the happiest year of my life!
Me and Ron was together,Gryffindor won the housecup,Harry and Hermionie together and all of the years!
After seven years,Ron and Harry became an Auror and Hermionie became a proffesor and i too!Ron and i and Harry and Hermionie went married.