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Ron*thinks*:It can't be...No...Have she just farted?
Hermione*thinks*:If I act serious maybe he won't notice.

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Rupert: How come I didn't get to take a picture with Emma? (thinking)
Daniel: I think Rupert has a problem... But anyway, I'm still gonna smile because I remember Rupert last week that he's making fun of himself. I think he likes Emma too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he's sad because he didn't get to take a picture with Emma... Oh well...
Emma: Well, Rupert I have a question but don't get mad ok?
Rupert: Ok what is it?
Emma: Um, why you didn't even look or smile while we are taking the picture?
Rupert: Because um..... um.....
Daniel: Because you have a problem don't you and I think someone is sad because................
Emma: Dan, please..................................
Daniel: (to Emma) What's the matter with you Em? I'm just playing with him...
Rupert: Because I didn't get to take a picture with Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why I'm sad! Sad, sad, sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel: That's what I'm thinking! I'm right...
Emma: Oh Rupert... Do you like me?
Daniel: Yeah he does Emma... he likes you!!!
Emma: That is so sweet... I like you too!
Rupert: Really???
Daniel: I'm outta here....
Rupert and Emma: You wanna go out with me? Yeah I do because I like you!!!


Rupert: Hey Emma, wait for me.
Emma: Hi nice to meet you!
Rupert (thinking): I think she heard me but, she is interested with that people! Oh god I just wish that... Uhh, never mind!!!
Emma: Come on Rupert, they want to meet you! Go here and sit with them...
Rupert: But Em, I... I.... can't umm... umm... s-i-t with them. Cause I ah... ah.... umm....
Emma: What? Just tell me. Hurry up they are waiting!
Rupert: Cause I just want to tell you this... I was wondering if you, you umm... umm... (thinking) why I can't tell her???
Emma: What's wrong with you today? Your always shy when I'm talking to you... Why?
Rupert: Ok um can we go to a commercial first? i just need to talk to Emma.
People: Sure why not? We'll be back!
Rupert: Ok thanks. Emma, follow me outside please. We need to talk...
Emma: Ok excuse us.
Rupert: Ok so Em, I really need to tell you this since we are filming the first movie.
Emma: Ok what do you want to tell me?
Rupert: 1st of all, I developed a crush on you...
Emma: What???
Rupert: No wait, I need to talk first. Ok?
Emma: Ok... Sure why not?
Rupert: Then I told Dan about this too. He said that I have to tell you the truth. I like you Em, more than a friend.
Emma: Really? Why you didn't tell me?
Rupert: What do you mean?
Emma: Because I like you more than a...
Rupert: More than a friend???
Emma: Yes...
Rupert: I'm so happy! She feel the same as me!!! (He gave Emma a big hug and gave a her a kiss.)
Emma: I love you Rupert!
Rupert: I love you too, Em



Ron : Okay,so that's a deal.You won't get any more
closer with that Viktor Krum!

Hermione : Yeah,I won't. You too,you won't take any
more closer look to Padma Patil!

Harry : (thinking,smiling) Oh,boy.Those two people are
really tiring..hehehe.They are so sweet :)


Ron : (thinking) God..I wonder if she knew,how I feel
      about her.I've been keeping this secret for
      year already..

Hermione : (thinking) Oh dear,I can't believe I'm this
          close to Ron!Wonder if he knew about my fee-
          lings for him?

Ron : (still thinking) Oh well...time will tell
me,when will she know about my feelings.I hope she
just feels the same way..

Hermione : (thinking too) Hope the second year will be
better..and I won't have a fight anymore with him.

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Carolina R.: So what's the announcement that you want to make?
Rupert: Should I tell her.
Emma: We should.
Rupert/Emma: We're getting marry!!!

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Ron: Hermione, what are you doing?
Hermione: I'm having a staring contest with Malfoy.
Ron: Why?
Malfoy: If I win, I get to go out with her. And if it's her, I'll stop calling
her a filthy mudblood.
Hermione: What?! I never agreed to the first part.
*Hermione blinks*
Malfoy: haha. I win you have to go out with me.
Ron: Piss off, Malfoy. If she said, she didn't agree to that she didn't agree to
Malfoy: What up with you, Weasley? You have a crush on Granger?
Ron: Well...
*Ron turns red.*
Ron: I do.
Hermione: Really? I have a crush on you.
Ron: Really?
Hermione: Yeah.
Malfoy: Oh forget about the date, you can go out with this filthy Mublood,
Weasley. She's all yours.
Ron (to Hermione): Yay! I get to go out with you!
Hermione: And I don't have to go out with Malfoy.


*At the promotional photo shooting*
Photographer: Okay Rupert, Emma you're next.
Rupert: I have to take a picture with her?
Emma: What's wrong with taking a picture with me?
Rupert: Uhh...
Emma (noticing Rupert's lips): Are you wearing lipstick?
Rupert: No, why?
Emma: They're pink.
Rupert: They're always pink.
Emma: Yeah I know but they're pinker than usual.
Gemma Padley: Did anyone see where my pink lipstick went?
Rupert: Uh oh. Hurry let's take the picture.
Emma: What the...?
Photographer: Okay smile.
*takes the picture*
Rupert: Here Gemma. I found your lipstick. It was on the table over there.
Gemma: Are you wearing it?
Rupert: Dan and Tom made me. Because I lost a bet.
*Emma, Daniel, and Tom laugh histarically.*
Emma (to Dan and Tom): You really made him wear that?
Tom: Yeah. We asked him to wear Sean's kilt instead but he said he'll only go as far as wearing Gemma's lipstick.
Emma: What was the bet?
Rupert: I either had to hit you on the head or wear this.
Emma: Well the color of the lipstick matches your eyes.
Rupert: Uh...thanks.
*Emma kisses him on the cheek.*

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Hermione :" hey we just got back from our  first date OK don't tell Harry, OK."
RON:"Ok OK I won't if you won't. Deal?"
Hermione: "Deal"


Announcer: Emma do you like any of the boys on the set?
Emma: Um..... Well, there is Daniel he is funny but I don't like him as a boyfriend. Tom funny also and can make hairs stand on ends if he wants to[laugh]. And then there is Rupert um...... [Whisper] can we go to a commercial?
Announcer: Um.... Sure. [tells the camera] We'll be back after this commercial!


Harry: Plzz professer
Prof.Mcgonnagal: Fine u r allowed to Marry.
Hermione:So when am I gonna change my lastname?
Prof Mcgonnagal: I'm sorry miss granger u r not allowed to change ur last
name to Potter.
Ron: *cough*Zip it sister I'm the one that Hermione's going to marry not
Prof. Mc: I'm sorry
Ron:I think I'm gonna turn u into the chocolate frog.


Hermione: " Harry will you please stop saying i like Ron!!?!!


Ron:[Thinking] I wonder if she likes me?

Hermione:[Thinking] I wonder if he likes me?

Harry: [Coming out of nowhere] You both like each other ok!! So know you guys can stop asking me!

Hermione & Ron: I told you not to tell anyone!!!!

Hermione & Ron: You like me? Yea I do. Because I like you!


Ron: Hurry up Hermione!I'm hungry.
Hermione: Ron honestly  I can't cook.
Harry: Yeah coz last night I saw u were mixing potions and ur hair from bushy
turns into curlier.
Hermione: It just that last night I was mixing potions but then Draco scared
me's the hair's getting curlier,but actually I like it
this way.
Ron:Draco?Since when do u call him Draco?
Harry: Since last night.So what happened Mrs. Malfoy
Hermione: Shut up.It just that I left my potions in snape's class so I asked
Draco to find it that's all.
Hermione: Here..try some!
Ron: It looks...disgusting
Harry: Ewe.
Ron: When I look at u know what it reminds me of?
Hermione: What?
Ron: Ur hair when it was bushier.
Hermione: Shut up u two Filch'll hear us
Harry: Oy ron don't eat that stuff too much.
Ron: Why?
Harry: Coz U'll get fat and we all r not gonna fit in the invinsibility


Hermione:[Thinking] All I have to do is make this love potion to make Ron like me. That sounds simple. All I need is to put this is here and a bit of this and I'll be done. Great! I will have Ron in no time!


Hermione : Ummm Ron is this the perfume that I gave it to u last night?
Ron: Oh yeah I sort of like it
Harry: Oy u two what r u doing
Hermione&Ron: Nothing it's just that stinks smell from Ron/hermione


Ron: Oy Harry last night I went to the girls dormitory and I took the picture
of Hermione when she was in....
Harry: She was in....
Ron:*whispered*in shower.
Harry: What the..
Ron: But I didn't get to see it coz I was really dark
Harry: Well let's see then.
When they look at the picture
Harry: Oh my god...
Ron: Actually can u remember when Hermione said on the 
train that she has to go on a diet
Harry: Yeah
Ron: according to this picture and her figure...I think she really
needs to go on a diet
Hermione: Hey what r u two looking at...OH MY GOD!!!!!!


In the set...
Emma: Daniel Have u seen Rupert he should be here by now
Dan: I haven't seen him
Tom: I saw him in the bathroom about 20 mins ago
Sean: Hurry Dan fly and get Rupert to the set
Dan: Ok then
But before Dan get to fly
Rupert: *Still breathing faster than normal* Hello there sorry I'm late
Everyone staring at Rupert
Emma: Erm...Rupert I think u might want to put something on
Rupert: *Look at his body* ARGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hermione:[Whisper] Did you tell Harry about the surprise party?
Ron:No.Why did you tell him?
Hermione: No I didn't.

Harry:[Coming out of nowhere again] What surprise party? Why are you guys looking like you didn't tell me something?!
Ron &Hermione:[Kind of nervous] I don't have a clue about what you are talking about!!!!!!!