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walkin out onto the oprah show, whats this look like...ARE EMMA AND RUPERT HOLDING HANDS GRINNING??
RUPERT: ok emma u ready to tell the world how we feel?
EMMA: i think so, i mean people are bound to finally notice something because we're holding hands.
appluase and gasps from people at the sight of the 2 holding hands
emma and rupert are greeted by oprah and dan as they smile out to the audience

thanks Bridget for these 2...


Rupert:*thinks* why oh why do i have to be stck with Emma?!The olsen twins yeah o.k maybe,Pam Anderson yeah,J.Lo yup ofcores! But Emma? she is sooo annoying...

Emma;"*thinks* I'm so lucky to end up with Rupert i love him! i hope he loves me too!"

Rupert: Emma...... could you stop trying to feel my butt?

Emma:sorry i thought that was mine...


Harry:Ewe is that a picture of Draco naked?
Hermione:I think i'm going to be sick!!!!!!
Ron:He looks like a girl!

big thanks to Margaret for this one...


Harry:  Ron I'm so happy you and Hermione are finally together!!!!  Finally!!!  YES YES YES!
Ron:  Thanks Harry! seem really happy...heh..heh...Harry you're hurting me.
Harry:  Sorry it's just that it's taken so long, and it's been so agonizing for me!!
Hermione:  You guys are so cute......

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Ron : Okay,so that's a deal.You won't get any more
closer with that Viktor Krum!

Hermione : Yeah,I won't. You too,you won't take any
more closer look to Padma Patil!

Harry : (thinking,smiling) Oh,boy.Those two people are
really tiring..hehehe.They are so sweet :)

Thanks to Alessandra  for this great caption..


Rupert: Wow, what a butt, Emma!
Emma: Stop doing that, people all around the world are gonna see this picture and they will know about our little secret.
Rupert: Donīt worry, People think we are just good friends

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Emma: (thinks) I think something  bit me on my leg... Ouch!!!
Rupert: (whisper) Hey Emma!
Emma: How did you get here and what are you doing???
Rupert: Well, I need to tell you this... Do you want to go to the bottom of the table? We'll talk about something...
Emma: No I cant go there...
Rupert: Why?
Emma: Cause they will know that you and me are you know...
Rupert: Oh yeah... Boyfriends and Girlfriends...
Emma: You got it!
Announcer: Ok so Daniel, tell Rupert that Im gonna talk to him roght now.
Daniel: Ok... But, wait! He's not here!
Emma: Rupert, go back to your seat right now! They are trying to find you...
Rupert: Ok...
(When Rupert is going back to his seat)
Announcer: Dont worry about it. Daniel... Rupert is already here...
Daniel: Ok... Rupert, where have you been?
Rupert: Oh to the restroom. (he looks at Emma and they both smiled)


Announcer: So Emma, what do you like about the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?
Emma: Well, all I like about is when I turned to a cat and they made a model of me that I've been got petrified.
Daniel: I thought that she's gonna say about me and her when we hug...
Rupert: Hey, Dan... I heard what you said!!!
Daniel: Well Im just kidding!
Rupert: Oh ok good...
Daniel: Your jealous arent you?
Rupert: No why?
Daniel: Because I knew that you like her...
Emma: Well one more... to say... hmmmm..................
Rupert: I wonder what shes gonna say...
Emma: It was cool when I went handshake with Rupert...
Rupert: Yey!!! I like you Emma!!!


Emma: What? You want to kiss me??? No way!!! Besides, your gonna kiss me infront of other people? No no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rupert: (whisper) Please Emma!!! I really like you!!!
Emma: Well, if you like me, you don't have to kiss me infront of others!
Caroline Rhea: Well well well... Just go on Emma... Besides you like him too, don't you?
Emma: Well, you know that I do like him... But...
Caroline Rhea: Just go outside and do it... You could do it Emma. I know you can!!!
Emma: Ok thanks a lot!
Caroline Rhea: No problem, Emma!!!
Rupert: So what happens now?
Emma: Let's go outside...
Rupert: Ok.
( Then they went outside and they kissed)


Hermione: I'm glad that your ok, Ron... So how are you?
Ron: I'm fine... How are you?
Hermione: Fine... But I missed you!
Ron: I missed you too, Hermione!!!


Ron: Wow, I didn't notice that Hermione looks more beautiful with a short skirt like this...
Hermione: Ron, what did you say?
Ron: Oh nothing... I said that we better hurry up so Snape wouldn't notice that were here.
Hermione: Oh ok... Let's go Harry! Before someone see us!
Harry: Ok...


Prof. McGonagall: Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley what are you doing up there?
Hermione: Umm, professor, we were just...
Ron: Yeah, we were just talking about our exam.
Hermione: Yeah we were...
Prof: McGonagall: Stop lying you two! 10 points is gonna loose from Gryffindor! I heard that you are talking about love isn't it?
Ron and Hermione: Because we like each other!!!


Shakira: I think Rupert is cute! I love his smile...
Rupert: Hi Shakira, you look preety!
Shakira: Thanks, Rupert... (blushes) You look good today!
Rupert: Thanks...
Emma: (thinks) Shakira and Rupert, no way!!! Rupert is just mine! They keep talking to each other! What am I going to do?
Rupert: Come'on Em, you wanna talk about something?
Emma: Ok (whisper to herself) I thought that Shakira is gonna be here.
Rupert: What?
Emma: Oh nothing... Lets go!
Emma and Rupert: You look good today, my love!


Hermione: Prof. Snape, have you seen my Potions Book in here? Because someone threw it!!!
Prof. Snape: I'm sorry Ms. Granger I didn't see your book. Well do you know who threw it? If you know it, I'm gonna send him/her on detention.
Hermione: Ok thanks a lot, Professor. Yeah I know who threw it, but I don't want to tell you.
Prof. Snape: Ok it's up to you Ms. Granger ok I have to go.

Ron: I'm sorry Hermione I accidently threw your book.
Hermione: Ok I know it was an accident... But could you do me a favor?
Ron: Of course Hermione, I can!
Hermione: Go find my Potions Book now!!!
Ron: But Hermione,
Hermione: No but!!! You said yes so go now!!!
Ron: (walking) It's ok... I'm gonna do anything for her...
Hermione: (scream to Ron) Thanks Ron!!!
Ron: Anytime...


Ron: That girl is so beautiful...
Hermione: That guy looks cute!!!
Ron and Hermione: What did you say???
Ron: What did you just said, Hermione?
Hermione:What did you just said too?
Ron: Just forget about that, Hermione... You wanna fly?
Hermione: Ok I'll just forget about that... Yes, Ron, I love to!!!
Ron: Let's go...